Create Buy-in Instead of Issuing Orders

Giving an order without buy-in creates resentment and sabotage. If I command you to do something that you do not agree with, the only thing keeping you in-line is your fear. If instead I collaborate with you to create buy-in, then you do the thing not because you want to please me or avoid punishment, but because you agree with doing the thing.

This is far more powerful, even if it may seem slower or harder. What is expedient in the moment begins to create great costs in the long-run. How much time does it take to replace employees? Or to have to issue individual commands for each step of a process because a team-member is no longer bought-in to the outcome? These costs are much farther reaching than taking the time to face conflicts with collaboration and the creation of buy-in.

Next time someone is acting counter to the objectives, instead of making commands for correction, find out what the barriers are between them and buy-in; then address those.