Deepen Your Retention By Passing Learning Forward

At the end of my swordplay classes I offer 10 minute blocks of coaching to all of my students. In these 10 minute blocks I do my best to find one important thing to give to a particular student that will be the most impactful for their development as a martial artist. I then ask them to pass their learning on to someone else — immediately.

I think anyone who has ever been in a teaching role knows how much one learns while teaching. The act of having to explain something to someone else requires a much more rounded understanding of the topic. When you take something ‘in’ one of the most potent tools you have for retention and comprehension is to have to then push it right back ‘out’.

Next time you learn something new, try to find someone to share it with as quickly as you can. This process will not only deepen your understanding but it will help spread that knowledge to others around you.

If you’re a teacher, make passing on of knowledge an essential part of your learning environment. This doesn’t mean making your students into teachers before they’re ready — that would be irresponsible — the goal instead is to make learning a shared experience.