Letting Go of Worry

When I ask myself to let go of worry I feel scared.

Without worry will I be complacent?
Without worry will I fail to know what’s important?

What does it mean to live without worry? To sleep peacefully through the night; To feel one’s heart at ease; To be truly present to receive?

If I choose to live without worry, for I can choose, what will I live with?

Can passion replace worry? Do I have enough faith in myself to truly be present? Can I simply know that I am enough? That I am strong? That though the way is not clear the ends will be what they need to be?

Life without worry feels vulnerable. Such a surprise to find that I have found some solace in worry. That I have exchanged the cliff for the knife.

Yet to live vulnerably is to live profoundly.

Worry truly wastes the soul. You have to step out from under the skirts to truly feel the sun.