Living Hopelessly

I don’t hope for the things that I truly want to manifest in my life; I strive for them, work toward them, create them. I don’t hope for them.

Does hope serve me? I don’t think it does. I’m a bigger fan of self-belief. Hope is more fragile, less resilient. Hope says “Maybe if fate allows. If the universe likes me.” Belief says “I know I’m capable of creating this, I just don’t know when it will happen.”

Hope is more at risk to disappointment. When our hopes are dashed its much harder to see what you learned or what you’ve gained. Belief is perhaps more personal but there is far more room to take stock in what you have achieved and to truly assess what it will take to do better next time. When hopes pay off, chance has aligned for you; when belief pays off, your knowledge of your capability grows. When your hope grows, the risk is much greater. When your belief grows, your ability to take risks increases.

Next time you find yourself hoping for something, instead ask yourself how you can create it. Perhaps you’re not taking true agency in your life if you’re waiting on wishes.

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