Living with Integrity

What does it mean to live with Integrity?

A ship has integrity when its hull is sound, its ballast is even, all of its parts are in alignment. It is buoyant and runs smoothly in the water.

I think of my own integrity being the alignment of my thoughts, words, and deeds. It is looking at my life thoughtfully and seeing how my internal philosophy reflects in my outside relationships and products.

It is looking at what I say I want and seeing if I am truly enacting it in the world.

It is acting with courage to align my words with what I think, even if that leads me into conflict.

It is bringing my thinking into alignment with the person I choose to be.

Integrity has been one of my greatest and biggest challenges. I have struggled and still struggle to be honest when I know it may hurt someone. To be courageous when I am unsure if I can handle the results. To act as big as I know I can be even in the face of naysayers and adversity.

Yet in spite of the many times I have fallen before it. Each day I move toward integrity, I feel my world fall more into alignment and my ship cut through the water with greater and greater ease.

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