Room to Experiment

It’s easy in learning to live in a space that moves between the lesson and the performance and thus never truly explore and internalize technique. The dance floor is not the environment that is conducive to building foundational ownership of technique. You need somewhere that is open to active dialog with yourself and your partner.

In a few weeks time I’m going to a weekend dance intensive (not a lesson, just a weekend of dancing); Every Sunday I facilitate a practice session at our Sunday Blues/Fusion dance; and I get together with friends every week to play and experiment with dance. In my swordplay training I have training sessions where the requirement is open experimentation with no expectation of victory.

All of these events are places where I can experiment and explore. This is vital to learning. To truly get comfortable and then proficient with something you need ample space to take risks, mess around, and shine a light in every corner.

Regardless of what art you are pursuing, make sure that you create a space for open dialog. Somewhere where you feel safe being a goofball and a screwup and there is no punishment for failed experiments. Through experimentation, with foundation, you will find mastery.

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