The Value of Being a Supporter

Entrepreneurs and independents are highly valued in our North American culture yet behind every entrepreneur are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of supporters. These supporters are the workers, the contributors, the backers, all the people who really get the things done. However their role is under-appreciated. It’s not sexy enough to make the front page of newspapers so many who are superb supporters try to cram themselves uncomfortably into the expectation of being entrepreneurial, seeing it as the only value route or get down on themselves for not being innovative and independent.

Lets change things around. Lets start praising the supporters. If you know someone who is doing the work to realize your dreams or the dreams of others, let them know how powerful this work is. If you’re a supporter, praise yourself for the passion that you bring to not beginning something new but to completing something great. If you don’t like what you’re supporting, find something you truly believe in to get behind and know that this is equally as valuable as coming up with a new idea, in fact without you, no one would even know about that new idea.

Today lets not praise the starters but the finishers.