Third Level Honesty

1st Level Honesty: You answer the question when asked and are truthful only about what is asked: How are you feeling? Fine. Where are you going? To a friend’s place. What will you be doing there? Hanging out.
This is the level of honesty you use with a border guard.

2nd Level Honesty: You answer based on the intention of the question: How are you feeling? I’m feeling upset about the argument we had yesterday. What are you up to tonight? I’m going to meet up with Stacey and I need her help working through the problem I’m having with my mother.
This type of honesty respects the relationship you have with the asker. It says you trust them with the truth and that you trust the relationship you’ve built to have room for it and to work through the challenges it may bring.

3rd Level Honesty: You offer information before it is asked for: I’m having a hard time with how you treated me yesterday. The way you do that moves me in a way I haven’t been moved before.
Statements are the mode of the intimate. They take a leadership role in building trust by offering yourself first. They reinforce the strength of a relationship by showing your confidence in what it can handle. Third level honesty promotes the highest level of vulnerability and the highest level of communication. When you’re in a relationship with third level honesty you never have to wonder.

In Mutant Message Down Under, Marlo Morgan shares that the Aboriginals of Australia say they are able to communicate with each other telepathically. They say the reason they can do this is because they never lie.

Thanks Rida for sharing this idea with me.