Resetting Instead of Resolving

One thing I love about New Year’s is not setting new resolutions but resetting old ones.
This time of year has always been a time of reflection for me. Not because of the calendar or the holiday’s intention but simply because I go away from my routine for a week and I’m not exploring some new country. The only country to explore is the one inside.
Sometimes that might mean picking some new direction. However I’ve been on a path I’m happy with for a while now. Yet even knowing that path, I still get off course, I find the compass needle drifting. This time of year gives me a reprieve. A moment to centre myself, look back over the past year, look at my goals, and put my systems back on track.
I don’t view this reset in a critical manner. I am where I am and I’m at ease with that. This is a time to ask myself tough questions but with a compassionate heart:
“You haven’t been blogging as much, why is that?”
“You said you wanted to climb mount Reinier. Why haven’t you?”
“Your heart isn’t in this. Where is it?”
There is no room for recrimination, punishment, or shoulds. Simply taking stock and asking myself what’s important now? What have I lost sight of? How do I want to set off into the world now?
Sometimes getting back on the path is simply about renewal. Simply about remembering what I wanted and re-finding my intention for it.
Sometimes its about systems; What was missing in my rhythm last time, that I could bring to it this time?
Sometimes its about honesty. Do I really want this? What’s truly getting in my way? What am I getting out of being stuck or moving in a different direction?
I’m always compassionate but I’m never coy. I never allow myself to hide behind excuses, blame others, or avoid the answers. I love myself regardless of my “progress”. I’ll benefit far more from honesty and love than I will from punishment, shoulds and should-haves.
A good reset can be as invigorating as a new direction. It can also be gentle and sure, like the embrace of an old friend.
Here’s to resolutions, new and old!

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