If I have a reason for being here it is to help people realize their most awesome selves. Coaching is one component of how I do this (the others being teaching and leading by example). I particularly enjoy helping people discover their passion and purpose in life and make it a central part of what they do.


What Is Coaching?

A coach is a guide for helping you see your future, face personal challenge, and create a structure for growth and movement forward. Think of it like having a personal trainer for your mind and soul.

My coaching practice takes several different forms:

  • Exploration
    Asking you good questions to help you identify strengths and problem areas and helping you mobilize your own tools and your own truths to make forward progress in your life.
  • Forward Thinking
    Coaching is about being grounded in the present and moving into the future. I work with who you are now (strengths and weaknesses) and help you build a plan that works for you.
  • Counselling
    Sometimes the ties of our past can hold us back from our future. Where it is valuable I will help you identify and release these bonds.
  • Facilitation
    I will put you in touch with useful resources and connections from my network to help you move toward your goals.
  • Mentorship
    Using stories, examples, and challenges I will help you learn and acquire new skills for leadership, creativity, management and self-direction.
  • Support
    Whether you’re in crisis or are starting a new and scary future, I will be there to give you a pep talk when you’re down or kick your butt when you’re stalled.
  • Accountability
    There is tremendous power in knowing that someone knows your goals and is going to check on them on a regular basis.

My Coaching Background

Coaching for me began 10 years ago in Seattle, Washington as part of the coaching staff for a teamwork laboratory. There we researched and experimented with creating high performance teams through the use of behavioural linguistics — essentially designing the way that you speak and communicate on a team to foster the most high functioning, emotionally grounded, and creative environment possible. This afforded me the opportunity to work with dozens of teams in an environment focused on results and learning — I learned a ton about how to help individuals become more effective and in turn to lead their teams to a state of shared vision and passionate productiveness.

Since that time I have worked with fortune 100 companies to individual creatives to help them get to the heart of their passions, learn how to communicate effectively, how to embrace emotional information, and to maximize leadership qualities in individuals and teams.

Some of the companies I have worked with past and present include Microsoft, Activision Games, Vivendi Universal Group, Vancity Credit Union, and Halliburton Energy.

My Philosophy

To get a window into my philosophy I recommend reading my blog. I write about insights from all aspects of my life. A few key points:

  • Coaching should be practical and focus on reasonable change.
  • Take responsibility for where you are in life. Personal responsibility is the beginning of personal power.
  • Only through love and acceptance of self can we free ourselves to change.
  • Changing your outcomes requires that you first change your philosophy.
  • Being centred on principles, and learning to build effective systems and rhythms that build from those principles, is more powerful and rewarding than being centred on a goal.

Getting Coaching

I make time in my schedule for a small number of coaching clients and mentees at any given moment. If you are stuck, have a dream you want to realize, a team you want to empower, or a challenge you need help facing, and you think I would be a good fit for you, then contact me.

Coaching can be done in-person or by phone/voip. It never hurts to check my schedule so don’t be shy.