I have been practicing Historical European Martial Arts for more than 20 years. These arts include disciplines such as the renaissance rapier, longsword, wrestling, knife, spear, and combat in armour. Since 2004 I have been the Director and Maestro d’Armi of Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay in Vancouver, BC. We are a school devoted to the mastery of these arts and to self-empowerment.  I teach classes and week-long intensive programs at my school and workshops and seminars throughout the world.


“Devon Boorman is one of the best swordsmen I ever had the privilege to fence with. Moreover, equipped with an analytic mind and the ability to precisely articulate his insights gained in years of practice, competition and research, he is also gifted with the talent to impart his knowledge in a calm and highly instructive manner to the benefit of both novices and advanced students of historical fighting arts, as myself and thousands of practitioners who had the pleasure to take one of his classes can attest to.”
– Roland Warzecha, author of DVD “Sword and Shield – Basic principles and technique of medieval buckler combat.

“Devon and the Academie Duello are producing top caliber martial artists.”
– Maestro Puck Curtis, Sacramento Sword School

“Mr. Devon Boorman is one of the most accomplished swordspersons worldwide. Not only is his mastery of several weapon systems noteworthy, but [so is] the thoughtful and thorough curriculum of his school, Academie Duello.”
– Dierk Hagedorn, Co-author, interpretor, translator “Gladiatoria”

Introduction to Italian Rapier

Introduction to the Italian Rapier DVD

Follow along, sword-in-hand, with internationally renowned swordsman and instructor Devon Boorman, as he leads you through the fundamentals of Renaissance rapier combat! This sophisticated art represents the pinnacle of the duel of honor as it was originally practiced in the seventeenth century and its practice today. You will develop grace, power, and effective martial skills with solo and partnered exercises that teach the foundation of swordplay. Ideal for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities.

Contents include:

  • Posture & Movement
  • Attack & Defence
  • Gaining the Opponent’s Sword
  • Recovering Control of the Fight
  • Tempo: Timing & Opportunity
  • Full-Speed Sparring & Freeplay

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Introduction to Italian Longsword


Follow along with Maestro d’Armi Devon Boorman as he leads you through the fundamentals of Medieval longsword combat. You will develop grace, power, and effective martial skills with solo and partnered exercises that teach the foundation of this beautiful and powerful martial art. Ideal for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities.

1. Introduction to the Longsword
2. The Cut: Six Powerful Blows
3. Posture: Standing in Guard
4. The Thrust: Five Deadly Strikes
5. Attacking with Safety & Intention
6. Measure: Moving to the Target
7. Tempo: Opportunities to Attack
8. Defense & Counter Attack
9. From Drilling to Combat
10. Conclusion

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My Current Teaching Schedule

  • Gairethinx, Brescia Italy – May 23, 24 2017
  • Istanbul Italian Longsword Seminar – June 3, 4 2017
  • Italian Swordsmanship Workshop, Avalon Martial Arts, Deluth MN – July 21-23 2017
  • Western Martial Arts Workshop, Racine WI – September 10-14 2017


One of the most comprehensive resources on European swordplay and martial arts available online. My video university has over 400 videos from the foundations to advanced techniques. I put videos up free every week. Check it out here.

A Bit of My History

Swordplay is one of my life’s great passions. It all began for me in an underground parking lot in the early 1990s where I met a and learned with a small cadre of people passionate about historical fencing. Eventually this humble beginning led me to travel throughout the world to study, compete, and eventually teach. In 2004 I founded Academie Duello a centre devoted to teaching and reviving Western Martial Art and the chivalric ideals that surround it. Since that time Academie Duello has grown to be the largest school of its kind in the world with over 250 active practitioners with thousands more coming through our doors each year.

It has been a true pleasure to be at the forefront of a modern renaissance of an intricate and beautiful martial art. Many people are only familiar with swords and swordplay from movies and books and now they have an opportunity to learn the true art from history. Academie Duello has allowed me the opportunity to bring many dreams of wielding swords to life, and has fulfilled an even greater purpose helping people realize their best selves by getting in touch with their bodies, becoming inspired by their own capabilities, finding true passion, and connecting with a community that is welcoming and truly authentic.