Being At Ease With Your Choices

In Chinese medicine one aspect of health is related to your comfort or lack of comfort with your process for making decisions. I learned this from a student who is a Chinese medicine practitioner and found the concept rather interesting.

I loved the idea that your lack of health wouldn’t be with a specific method of decision making but instead with how comfortable you are with whatever method it is that you use. If you’re a flip-flopper and you’re at peace with that, no problems in this area, however if you deride yourself for your lack of commitment to a decision, then bam! health issues.

I can see a certain rationale to this. So much ill ease in our lives is not necessarily directly associated with the consequences of how we live but instead with the consequences from being uncomfortable or at war with how e live and who we are. Certainly one of the most productive places one can be for making personal change is to be first at peace with where you are, even if you’re unhappy with it. From that stable ground you can start to affect a move toward another way of being.

I am often one who rides on the edges of what is acceptable in the mainstream. When I look at choices that I make, I often wonder if where I am is where I should be. If the choices I have made are the right ones for me or for those around me. I worry about how others might see me and the choices I make. Then I begin act in an unsure and tense fashion as I make decision in my life. I bring a level of unsureness and doubt to how I see myself. I wonder how this might affect my health.

In thinking before writing this post the realization that I came to was not that I needed others to be at peace with how l live my life but that simply I needed to be at peace with it. This doesn’t mean I need to share my inner-self with everyone I know but that even in that I can be comfortable with my choices about what I show.