Connection without Requirement

In partner dance our physical connection with another dancer can be a point of support, of direction, of communication, and of energy transference. All of these connections have tone, they create a connection from our partner directly to our core. They receive the presence of our partner and give our physical presence in return. However a connection does not need to have so palpable a goal. You can connect physically simply as a point of reference. We can touch and have a spiritual or emotive connection. A point of contact that allows us to know the other person and to say “I am here.”

This type of connection allows for tremendous freedom of movement for each dancer. The only agreement is to stay connected even if that connection has no structural connection to our core. Each dancer can have their own dance yet know that the other is there and listening.

Our connections in life are so often connections of intention. We connect to create, to ask for help, to send a message, to build rapport, make a demand, and to communicate a myriad of desires. Our connections receive and impose a physical presence on our life and the lives of others. Yet, like in dance, there is also a way to have connection in another’s life without these direct forces.

What does it mean to listen to the life of another, without using the information you receive to respond or step in? Only to follow and listen further.

How can I give to the lives of others through the “dance” I have on my own simply through touching them enough that they know I’m there? Revealing without requirement.

When someone opens themselves to you, extends their heart out to you, sometimes the right thing is to lift them onto your shoulders. Yet sometimes what you can best offer is to be over your own feet and help them rest over theirs. My hand is in yours even if you need to walk this path on your own legs.

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