Different Types of Enjoyment

There are many ways to enjoy the things you do. Not all enjoyment involves a smile on your face or laughter in your heart. Though some of the best kinds certainly do. Some of my other favourite kinds of joy:

Tongue Sticking Out Joy. I don’t mean mischief, but that kind of enjoyment where you’re concentrating so hard your tongue gets a life of its own.

Brow Furrowing Enjoyment. Sometimes the hardest, most challenging puzzle, that one that frustrates you to no end, is actually a ton of fun. “Devon are you ok?” – “WHAT?? Please shut up. I’m enjoying myself.”

Surprise Satisfaction. You know that surprising giggle that comes out when you least expect it. I experienced this when I lied down on the softest bed in the world (no really, I’ve lied on it). I was skeptical at first but as I settled into it I started to uncontrollably smile and giggle. Then I began to laugh at the fact that I was laughing and had no control over it. Oh softest bed… where are you now?

Joy is a beautiful thing to put at the centre of your life. It is not frivolous, though it can be. It does not preclude seriousness and thoughtfulness. True joy is full and rich and diverse.

Here’s to joy.