Read 2 Inspirational Pages Per Day

One of the best sources for inspiration out there is reading. Yet in our attention anaemic world it can be hard to find time to really sink into a good work of fiction or non-fiction, thus I recommend a reading strategy for the time deprived: Read 2 pages per day.

This is similar to what I recommend to my fencing students with my 5-minutes per day practice strategy. 2 pages may seem like a paltry amount, and in some ways it is, but it really is better than nothing and it can break the reading inertia. Over the course of a year, even at only 2 pages, you can finish at least a book and a half and many very dense works of non-fiction could probably use a little digesting and implementation time that this slow pace would afford you.

The thing I find with 2 pages per day is that it’s easy to fit in at any time during the day or even before bed if you forgot. 2 pages can often lead you to a greater amount of reading once you start which is particularly good with those dense works.

Sure a good work of pulp fiction often reads itself but dedicating yourself to expanding your mind and reading things that are truly significant sometimes requires a bit of clever inertia breaking, why not start today?