It’s easy to hold yourself closed. It’s easy to be closed and not truly realize how closed you are.

The world is full of daggers and my soft centre needs to stay hidden. The world is full of liars and my soft centre need not be led astray. I will bind myself down over this malleable core and keep the world out and keep all of me in. I can be potent and strong and safe in here. My head tucked in, knees pressed to my chest, arms wrapped tightly around them. Stealing peaks and glances when I dare to lift my chin. Revealing peaks and secrets when I dare to relax my grip.

Will you take my hand and try to unwrap me? I am not your puzzle to unravel. Yet I want to be undone.

It has taken me years to come to a place where I am prepared to truly be seen by others. I feel stiff from all this holding in I have done. I started this blog to begin the process of unravelling. I chose to put myself out there to see what would happen. So far so good.

Though truly I put myself out there to receive criticism, receive value, and know that I can weather the small people. The more that I realize that I reveal myself for me and not for others, the more that I am ready to reveal.

Loose your slings and arrows. I have realized that what is in each of us is light. Sure it can be obscured for a moment but it cannot be extinguished. The tight shell of flesh I have packed around this centre is more vulnerable to wounds than the light I shelter.

Share your light. Make the world bright.