Seeing and Being Seen

How special a thing it is to be truly seen and in that seeing to be taken and accepted as you are. I feel this is one of the truest ways we can express love for another.

Much of our time as modern humans is spent creating and maintaining a projection of ourselves even to those we feel closest to.

Letting someone know that you truly see who they are, and know them, can cut through all these layers right to the vulnerable heart. There at our softest centers is where we most need and desire love and acceptance.

When was the last time you let yourself be seen? Truly for who you are. I don’t mean just your warts and foibles but also the places where you shine. Sometimes we can be afraid of sharing our biggest glory for fear that someone might cheapen our success; may not truly recognize how important and powerful the moment was for you.

Yet sometimes this is a secret instruction we give. When we’re afraid someone might not value us perhaps we communicate that we’re not worth valuing.

Take a moment to see someone. Pause your own thoughts for a moment, quiet your heart and your worry, and truly take someone in. Then share with them who you see, with all the love you can muster. Sometimes what you see might be different than you perceived but with an open heart this too can create connection, understanding, and true knowledge of someone.

Take a moment to be seen. Take a leap of faith with someone and share a part of your true self. If you’re afraid, ask them first. Create a space with them to share where you know they have their listening skills amped up and their heart most open. Then give it a try. Don’t be surprised if you cry.