Valuing Your Time

It does’t matter how much something costs you to do, you need to consider the value of your time when making your decision to participate.

When considering going to a course, instead of simply looking a the courses cost I also factor in my own hourly rate. Will the course be worth that amount of value to me?

When giving time to an endeavour in my business, I ask myself I’d be willing to pay my hourly rate to complete that task?

On the opposite side, when I put my time into something. I ask myself if I’m contributing my hourly rate worth of engagement? If I’m not willing to contribute that much, perhaps I can up my commitment or reconsider where I’m putting my energy if I’m not willing to plug in at full value.

Can life be reduced to dollars? Certainly not. There are many things like rest, building friendships, and having fun that are truly hard to quantify in these inhuman terms but I think it’s important to use every tool I have when deepening my awareness and connection with how I contribute in my life and to my life.