Writing As Art

Do I agree with everything I write? No. Some things I agreed with as I wrote them. For some my thoughts and feelings on the topic changed weeks later and some as soon as they were done. Many I still agree with now and some I never agreed with.

Writing is art. It has the power to not only express but to provoke. I write to explore and provoke thought in myself as much as others.

Allowing art to be what it needs to be at the time is part of what makes it so powerful for me as the creator. Sometimes I need to see an idea, hear it, taste it and test it to know what I really feel about it. I can’t judge it, I can only birth it and let it out into the world to have a life of its own.

If what I create does not jive with me it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unworthy art. Not everyone is my audience, maybe not even me.

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