Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I have been on a kick lately of really getting on board with this idea. In the past I had cultivated a very solid set of strategies for calming my psyche in times of stress. I would feel stress, sit and process that stress, untangle it and work to resolve it before moving forward.

Don’t get me wrong, these are vital skills and are way better than avoidance. However recently I’ve realized as I push toward some bigger and scarier goals and through some much larger blocks, that no matter what I do there is some discomfort I can’t simply resolve; There is territory that is going to be uncomfortable the whole time that I’m in it where I don’t have the luxury of taking breaks.

In my original thinking the discomfort was a negative space that I needed to resolve to access my best self and move through the challenge. Now I’m shifting my thinking to see the discomfort as a positive space. It’s exciting, fun, engaging, and a sign of good learning to come. If I’m feeling discomfort I must be moving toward what I want. Whether I succeed or fail, I am challenging and growing myself as a person, which is a success in and of itself. It will certainly lead me further along my path to achieving the things I want to achieve.

I am seeking to be a seeker of discomfort.