Starting Your Day Right

Having a good day hinges largely on how you start it. Over years I have built a start of day routine (at least for my work days) that I feel gets me off on the right foot. Here’s what I do:

1st – Alignment
I follow a process in my life called Alignment where I align my personal growth toward a particular virtue. My virtue of choice right now is integrity, which for me means truly living in accord with my values, ideals, and goals. At the start of each day I open up Evernote on my computer or phone and jot down some notes about how I want to practice integrity that day. This is based on the challenges that I see potentially coming up that day, areas of weakness I want to focus on, or things I feel I should be particularly mindful of at this time. It’s also an ideal time to write some affirmative statements that will send me into the day with my spirit in the right place.

2nd – Inspiration
Recently I’ve taken to connecting myself with something inspirational at the start of each day. Sometimes I’ll watch a Ted talk while I’m eating breakfast, or read an inspirational blog or from a leadership book on my way into the school. I have found that this can get my creative juices going and often if I’m feeling a bit down I can start to help myself out of the funk, especially if I choose my reading wisely. It doesn’t have to be long, a couple good paragraphs can do. Sometimes I’ll revisit something I already know.

3rd – Organize
Once I’m in the right headspace I take a look at what I want to accomplish during the day and I organize my activities. There’s lots of be said about organization, the most important thing in this context is that having centred myself on my alignment and inspiration I’m ready to create a day based on facing my blocks rather than avoiding them.

Whatever routine works for you, I think it’s important to have one. It’s easy to let others set your routine or to walk blithely into everyday just hoping it will turn out the way you want. Far better to exercise some creative design of your own. It’s not full proof but it certainly stacks things in your favour.