Be Straight Forward in Speaking

I am a good speaker. I’d say my command of the English language is formidable. I love the subtleties that can be communicated and the fullness a message can have when well described. However being partnered with someone who does not have English as a first language has shown me how important direct and plain language can be. When you strip nuance away what is the heart of what you have to say?

The negative side of subtle speech is over-wrapping the message or hiding your true intent. I’ve often found myself trying to sell my idea before my receiver even knows what the product is. Getting to the heart of a meaning, saying something straight up, is intimidating. What if they don’t hear me in the way I want to be heard? What if they don’t understand? What if they shut down before I can explain myself?

I’ve found a simple “Hear me out till the end” goes a long way.

Patience has also been a powerful tool in seeking resolution. If you deliver something challenging, maybe it needs to sit for a moment or a day or a week. This may seem like a long time but I’ve found that delivering the heart of the message first saves you time in the long run. I can’t think of how many conversations I’ve visited and revisited over the course of months or years because what was plain was never stated.

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