Building Strength Instead of Armour

In my quest to act with truly deep integrity one of the challenges and realizations I struggle with is the recognition that integrity does not always feel good.

It’s downright uncomfortable and even terrifying to reveal myself, even to those I trust. What’s easier and more comfortable is to armour up. Building armour feels strong in a certain way. I feel as though I can weather the storm, not show any weakness, stay completely centred, and able to manoeuvre myself out of harms way.

Yet armour impedes experience and hampers true presence. Genuine connection and growth do not come through filtering the world through your defences. In the long run it’s also a lot more tiring.

Genuine strength is the ability to find groundedness while entering into a space of vulnerability. It is truly recognizing that the only harm that someone can do to your psyche is that which you take-on and self-inflict.