Doing the One Big Thing

It’s easy to get caught in the myriad of tasks. The thousands of little things that can be done each day. The routine of your regular way of doing things or a pattern of comfortable procrastination. What if you did one big thing each day? One thing that challenged you or scared you. One thing that put a cornerstone piece into the building of your dreams. Maybe that thing would only take 5 minutes but have a profound impact on your future.

Often the largest dividends come from the most unexpected actions. The nice thing with focusing on the cornerstone piece is that at the very least you’re challenging yourself to grow.

I’m writing about this today because I see how easily I get caught into the routine. It’s easy to continue as I always have. To be in a trance of moderate productivity. Doing something that makes my heart race everyday can seem tiring, yet do I want to live a comfortable life or a profound one?

I think this is a worthy challenge. This week I’ll find and focus on the big thing each day; a leap, a dare, a cornerstone, the most important or profound thing I could do.

What’s the leap you can take today?