Use a Self-Improvement Mantra as Your Password

I’m a fan of changing my thinking or philosophy through mantras. My current system involves choosing an area of focus and putting a positive statement about that area on my todo list. Everyday when I hit that item I stop and consider that mantra and try to carry it with me through the rest of the day. These mantras have been everything from statements about courage “I move toward things that scare me” to statements of self-value “I am strong and beautiful”, to changes in philosophy “By embracing conflict I find success.”

The one challenge with the todo list mantra or using your calendar, is that unless you load up either, you only touch on that mantra once per day. It’s easy to have it at one moment and then lose it in another.

Recently I came across a neat idea to change your password to your daily mantra. Phrase passwords are actually very secure and now every time you log into your computer, or your blog, you’ll be repeating your new mantra.