Effort and Results Orientations

Effort orientation allows you to focus on the process instead of the result. Learning and growth happen when you challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and not be critical of the outcome. By focusing on effort instead of results you free yourself from perfectionism and bias yourself toward movement.

Results orientation is where successful lazy people thrive. By successful and lazy I don’t mean people who succeed in doing nothing but rather those who realize great results with minimal effort. If personal growth isn’t the goal and you are forward moving, find the most direct route to your goal. To succeed at results orientation requires that you regularly pause to precisely identify where you’re going and critically challenge the route you’re taking. Results-oriented people do not get caught in ’the way it’s always been done’, they constantly challenge old patterns to find new and better ways to accomplish an outcome.

Learning to move between both mindsets is powerful for getting the most out of any given situation. Am I here to learn and expand myself (effort/process orientation) or am I here simply to get the job done (results orientation)?