It’s the Right People Who Show Up; Practicing Positive Acceptance

I just finished teaching a swordplay workshop in Fort St. John, a small city in northern British Columbia. The organizer of the workshop had anticipated more than 20 people coming out to the workshop but on the day we only ended up with 6.

I think our friend here was quite disappointed and understandably so. It can be disheartening to have a roster of attendees and have them all bail out for one reason for another. However life can be like that. Sometimes you throw a party and only 6 people show up.

The important thing is to put yourself in the mindset of seeing them as the right 6 people. It’s hard to know in life where opportunities will come from. Sometimes its a simple notable interaction that changes the course of events longterm. Perhaps one of these people will become a driving force behind swordplay in this area and a great addition to the current group. Perhaps the greater amount of one-on-one time we have had with our host will be more meaningful and useful for his development and the direction he chooses. There is no way to know what would or could have been, only what is. From this mindset we proceed forward and create the best and most enjoyable outcome we can.

Deciding that these 6 are the right 6 is one of the strategies I’ve developed to allow myself to shift positively and quickly with changing circumstances. I have found that greater success and greater happiness come from not only making the best of a situation but seeing the best in a situation.  The truth is there is no reason to practice the alternative. Choosing to see the best in a situation isn’t about denial, it’s about positive acceptance.

Through both accepting and framing things positively, I give myself the best mindset to move forward.