Five Things We All Need

We all need to connect. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Connection is a state that comes about only when we are truly vulnerable to someone who is in turn vulnerable to us.

We all need to be supported. Knowing someone is there to catch us if we fall. Be our backstop when we get into a tough situation. Give a pep talk and a pickup when we fail.

We all need to be inspired. Inspiration is the spark that keeps us from sleeping through our lives. It grows into the fire that helps us become great creators externally and internally.

We all need to support. Care and compassion for others is essential to having a truly full spirit. By extending our love to others we become closer with our love for ourselves.

We all need to share joy. Joy is a quality that is amplified by those around us. A laugh is more infectious than almost any other communication of emotion and has a universal ability to connect across language and cultural boundaries. If there is any true reason to be alive, it is to experience and share joy.