Follow from the outside in, dance from the inside out

I haven’t written about dancing in a while yet I’ve been quite inspired by it lately. A lot of my personal practice of late has been focused on following in partner dance. I find the act of following in dance to be quite beautiful from both a participatory and metaphorical sense. It is interesting to explore life concepts within the expression of dance.

To be a great follower I must tune up my senses and allow the impulse from the outside to be received as clearly and deeply as possible. Once I receive that message it is up to me to respond to it. I’m not pushed around by the leader, I receive their impulse and then choose how I want to dance. To carry my body in an effortless and powerful way requires that I make the moves, that I send the dance out that complements what has been led.

To be a truly great leader after I send the signal I must tune up my senses and listen. If I send a direction to my follow and then don’t support their response, the dance breaks apart, the follow is suddenly on their own. All leaders must follow.

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