Thinking Abundantly in a Scarce World

How do you think abundantly in a world that is obviously scarce? There is only so much oil in the earth, only so many dollars in your bank account, only so much blanket to share with your blanket-hogging bedmate.

Abundant thinking doesn’t mean ignoring limits; simply having the vision to see beyond them.

An abundant life is not one without boundaries; it’s living a life that recognizes that though the physical may be bounded the mental and spiritual are not.

An abundant thinker doesn’t imagine that our figurative shared blanket goes on forever, when it obviously does not. Instead they think “why not two blankets?” — that’s how they do it in Sweden.

An abundant view of your finances doesn’t mean never saying ‘no’. It means embracing choice from the ‘yes’ side. What’s truly important to you? Given a physical limitation but an abundance of imagination, support, ideas, and personal strength, what decisions are going to truly lead you toward your passion, your purpose, and fulfilment? What is possible in spite of limitation? How can limits move you toward even greater creativity?

Thinking abundantly doesn’t mean ignoring the limitations of the earth, that’s blind thinking, it means harnessing the power of human imagination, collaboration, and inspiration to harness new sources of energy, to understand the problem in new ways, and to realize the only true limitation is in us — and that one is surmountable.

When an abundant thinker hits a wall they don’t close their eyes and pretend it away. They look for the crack or better yet the door. They recognize that there is more than one route to their destination. They see potential paths in every direction, including up.

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