Fools Rush In

Fools learn a lot more than the rest of us. They are liberated from the restrictions of right and wrong. They’re free from should’s and the judgments of others. Fools get to laugh uproariously in the theatre and don’t mind what anyone beside them thinks. Fools shed fountains of tears without embarrassment.

You can stand next to a fool and feel righteous and superior but then you’re the one who’s standing there wasting energy. The fool is the one who is free.

Sure, fool’s get hurt. They take a lot of life’s knocks. They say things that aren’t popular at the party. They get a lot of vegetables thrown at them.

All the while they discover new countries, teach us that the Earth rotates the sun, and unlock the secrets of the universe.

I think we all have a choice to play it safe, or play the fool.

We so often choose easy chair over experience. Then who’s really the fool?