Getting My Mind Out of the Way

“A mind is a terrible thing, so waste it.” Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty.

Between my being and the world is a filter. It’s my mind. Through its machinations I create a persona that allows me to appear as consistent as possible. I form a view of myself and a view that I want others to see and spend my precious creativity to maintain that view.

Between my being and my experience is a filter. It’s my mind. My connection is through judgement and discernment, analysis and rationalization. Yet there is so much more to know simply through noticing. There is so much more to see simply through receiving. A picture of a sunset is not a sunset. My thoughts about you, are not you.

Between my being and intimacy is a filter. It’s my mind. It says it’s there to keep me safe. To protect me from lies and hurt. Yet how can I be truly loved if I am never truly there to love? What if I share what I truly feel? What if I receive what is truly expressed?

Underneath all this thinking, is a being. Underneath all this being, is me.

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