Why All This Emphasis on Talk-Intimacy?

Is talking the best way to build intimacy?

We put so much emphasis in our modern loving relationships on expressing our souls through our words. Knowing and being known through our ability to express our emotions in prose.

I am fortunate that I have always been a good speaker; however even with that, I have had to learn to express my spirit in this forum. Often I’d rather say I love you with a touch, or show compassion with my presence, or find knowing with action.

In a relationship where one person is a talker and the other is not, our emphasis is often on the non-talker to step up, to open up, to learn to express themselves. The burden of intimacy is on them.

Is this the only way we can know them? Should we leap to a conclusion that a non-talker is afraid of intimacy, closed to connection, or unknowing of their innermost self?

Perhaps we can find intimacy on a different channel. Perhaps as talkers we too can learn to be good listeners with our skin, with our presence, with our eyes, and with our physical expression.

Open up the ways of knowing and know more.