You Have to Actively Choose New Ways of Thinking

Ideas you have had for a long time live inside you.  On a physical or spiritual level.  You feel them; you don’t think them. They govern your reactions to the world on an impulsive level.  When you decide you want to change a way you have operated for a long time, that change has to touch you at a fundamental level. If you choose to make a shift in philosophy it enters your life through your brain and lives alongside the old philosophy that is still in your spirit.

No matter how profound the new idea or how obvious its superiority, the two ideas must coexist. The one in your brain must be practiced. It must become a mantra; a new discipline.  By keeping an active awareness and regularly choosing the new idea, you gradually give it space at the fundamental level. Over time the old idea will migrate out and the new idea may completely replace it.

It’s important to acknowledge and recognize this process.  Be patient with yourself and recognize the old and new must live together for a time. You have to practice choice before what’s new feels intuitive.