Personal Responsibility, Punishment, and Compassion

Embracing a full sense of personal responsibility is a powerful and challenging journey. Personal responsibility says both “I have a power in creating my world” and “I am responsible for what is created both good and bad”.

Taking on this sense of power can be tremendously liberating and can help you realize an ability to alter every possible situation in a positive way. With it can also come a sense of regret and self-punishment; “If I had power in this situation, I am at fault for it.” Enter in the demon of blame.

In my own journey of personal responsibility I have found that with responsibility must come compassion. Through compassion I allow myself to step into my power to make change, make amends, and move forward. When I bring in blame, I sabotage movement.

Blame is the ego driven desire to confirm our own stories of limitation. There are no results here only a mire.

Compassionate acknowledgement is the alternative. It is ownership without ego. “Yes I’ve had a part in creating this. What is needed? How do I move forward now?”

Within responsibility is power. Within compassion is forgiveness.

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