European Tour – Updated!

Greetings everyone,
My itinerary for my trip to Europe (and Ottawa) has become a bit more defined in the past couple weeks. I thought I’d share it before departing. If you’re interested to take a swordplay workshop with me or want to meet up (or tell me about excellent swordy or dancy things I should connect with) this will give you an idea of where I’ll be:

May 2 – 4
The Hallebardiers/Sint Michielsgilde
Bruges, Belgium

May 9 – 11
Historical European Martial Arts Conference (HEMAC)
Dijon, France

May 17 – 18
Munich, Germany – Details TBD

May 25
School of European Swordsmanship
Helsinki, Finland

June 6 – 8
Borealis with Les Maitres d’Armes
Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada